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Program A Cable Remote Control
For A Proscan TV

I had issues trying to get a Time Warner / Spectrum remote control to work properly with a Proscan TV we picked up at a Black Friday sale. We got the Proscan PLDED3273 and a lot of the bad reviews about this model on Amazon related to the inability to program a cable or dish provider remote control to control the TV's power function. The '333' code listed for a Proscan TV in Spectrum's remote control's programming instructions didn't work at all.

Using the auto-search method easily set up the remote to turn the TV on and off, it didn't work for the volume. According to Spectrum's web site, once you program the remote to control the TV's power, the volume will also work. However, when I pushed the volume buttons it changed the TV's channels.

To make matters worse, if you use an HDMI cable to connect the cable box to the TV, the volume output of the cable box is fixed and cannot be changed. As a result, you are forced to use the TV's volume and if the cable remote won't control the TV's volume you have to use the TV remote control to change the volume and the cable remote control to change the channel.
Note that if you use an HDMI cable and you don't get ANY sound from your TV it's likely a cable box setting. For Time Warner / Spectrum press the Settings button on the remote, at Quick Settings arrow down to Devices and arrow up to Audio:Digital Output and it should be set to HDMI. If it's not, change it to HDMI and you should start getting sound.
After several hours of frustration I finally got the cable remote to change the Proscan TV volume by using a slightly modified version of the auto-search method as follows. (Our remote was a Spectrum UR5U-8780L-TWM, aka CLIKR-5, but this should work with similar cable remote controls.)

The remote control should now control both the Proscan's power and volume.

I mentioned earlier that on my first attempt at setting up the remote I was able to use the remote's auto-search method to get remote to control the Proscan's power but not it's volume. That's because when using the auto-search method, which is similar to the procedure above, I did what it said on Spectrum's Web page and used the Channel Up (CH+) button instead of the Channel Down button as indicated in the procedure above. I believe that using the Channel Up button will encounter a false code first. By using the Channel Down button you will encounter the correct code before encountering the false code.

If this doesn't work for you, you could try using the Yellow/White/Red AV cable connections on the TV and cable box to connect the two together.

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