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Access Denied
When Accessing
Shared DVD / CD Drive

Trying to share a DVD or CD over a network is useful if you have a netbook without a removable media drive but you want to install software that's on a DVD or CD. However, you may get the error Access is Denied when you try and access a shared CD or DVD set up as a Windows share over a workgroup or domain-based network from a netbook.

After many hours of troubleshooting and Web searching nothing I found helped. What I found surprised me so I'm posting it here in case others have the same problem.

The problem is Nero software. If you have Nero CD DVD burning software installed on the computer it can block remote network access to the CD or DVD drives.

Try the following: You'll be prompted to reboot your system. Once it comes back up you should be able to access the shared CD DVD drive over a LAN.

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